Based on the short story written by E.L. Doctorow comes Wakefield, the story of an affluent Manhattan lawyer with a wife, two daughters, and a comfortable home in the suburbs. While everything seems to be in order, our main character, played by Bryan Cranston is drowning inside and eventually breaks down. He goes into hiding in his garage attic and takes on the role of an observer of his family's attempts to find out what happened to him. As his days alone expand into months, he contemplates how far he can take things. Coming to theaters from IFC on May 19th.

  • Evolution of Sim Racing

    Put down the controller. Get out the wheel, pedals, and hydraulically-actuated full-motion cockpit — it's time to go sim racing. The introduction of Chequered Flag in 1983 marked the beginning of racing games not just as entertainment, but as a way for the masses to experience autosports as realistically as possible. Since that humble start, racing sims have become increasingly better at mirroring the physics of their real-world counterparts, with some games having code based on testing simulators used by racing teams at the top of the sport.

  • Crossing the Street at the Boston Marathon

    With over 26,000 thousand people running the streets of Boston during the Boston Marathon, getting across the street can be tricky. Fortunately, they have an simply elegant way of doing it. Watch the marathon race organizers it happen in this time lapse video.

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