The Origin of Lamborghini

The names Ferrari and Lamborghini call to mind one thing: Sleek, snarling sports cars capable of speed and handling no other automobiles can match. Shrouding in mystique and legend, the raging bull and prancing stallion have produced some of the most desirable moving works of art the work has ever seen. But a closer look at the history of Lamborghini reveals a foundation in something as opposite to high-performance autos as can be imagined — tractors. Great Big Story looks at how Enzo Ferrari's slight at Ferruccio Lamborghini created one of the most intense rivalries in the automobile industry.

  • The Art of Minecraft

    If you loved LEGOs as a child, you probably had this dream: A set of infinite bricks, in infinite colors, and an infinite space on which to build. This is the dream which Minecraft has been building since 2009. Although it has grown over the years to include more traditionally-oriented gaming modes, the core of the game is Creative Mode. Individuals, creative collectives, and even companies have been formed around the game. Vox looks at how this simple game of building blocks has become both an art and business.

  • Bill Nye Answers Twitter Questions

    Scientist extraordinaire Bill Nye is here to save Twitter — or at least the part that has questions about science. From the brilliant to the mundane, Nye answers them all, and manages to get only a little frustrated at what passes for basic science education in the United States.

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