The life you live that isn't your life. That perfectly curated social media feed. Squaring the perception with the reality — or trying to make the perception the reality. Eighty-Sixed is a new web series co-written by Cazzie David and director Elisa Kalan, and is a cynical, sharp-edged satirical take on growing up in the age of social media. Cazzie David plays Remi, a neurotic, self-absorbed young adult trudging through the morass of a recent breakup, surrounded by equally self- and socially-obsessed friends. Giving a nod to her father and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cazzie and Elisa have created a show that gives a scathing take on our connected lives and the often bizarre social norms we've constructed.

  • Wakefield

    Based on the short story written by E.L. Doctorow comes Wakefield, the story of an affluent Manhattan lawyer with a wife, two daughters, and a comfortable home in the suburbs. While everything seems to be in order, our main character, played by Bryan Cranston is drowning inside and eventually breaks down. He goes into hiding in his garage attic and takes on the role of an observer of his family's attempts to find out what happened to him. As his days alone expand into months, he contemplates how far he can take things. Coming to theaters from IFC on May 19th.

  • Reconstructing Passengers Story Arc

    The Jennifer Lawrence- and Chris Pratt-helmed sci-fi film Passengers had a lot of hype but landed in theaters with a thud. Criticized for a too-predictable plot, the film felt by-the-numbers despite having an all-too-rare original screenplay. The Nerdwriter took the plot into his own hands, rearranging the story arc to more closely mirror the script as it was originally written, and giving the film a pace and sense of audience involvement that it sorely lacked when it arrived in theaters.

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