The Art of Minecraft

If you loved LEGOs as a child, you probably had this dream: A set of infinite bricks, in infinite colors, and an infinite space on which to build. This is the dream which Minecraft has been building since 2009. Although it has grown over the years to include more traditionally-oriented gaming modes, the core of the game is Creative Mode. Individuals, creative collectives, and even companies have been formed around the game. Vox looks at how this simple game of building blocks has become both an art and business.

  • Reconstructing Passengers Story Arc

    The Jennifer Lawrence- and Chris Pratt-helmed sci-fi film Passengers had a lot of hype but landed in theaters with a thud. Criticized for a too-predictable plot, the film felt by-the-numbers despite having an all-too-rare original screenplay. The Nerdwriter took the plot into his own hands, rearranging the story arc to more closely mirror the script as it was originally written, and giving the film a pace and sense of audience involvement that it sorely lacked when it arrived in theaters.

  • The Food of South Park

    South Park, Colorado isn't known as a culinary destination — despite having the most famous school chef of all time. In between the vicious satire and crude humor, there are a few dishes that could inspire anyone with a little kitchen experience. Babish takes on three of the most famous dishes the show has produced — Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls, Cartman's Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili, and a frittata with a lovely creme fraiche. As to whether Tenorman's parents are actually in Babish's chili, no one can say.

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