Will & Grace

It's not a reboot — it's a revival. NBC has 12 new episodes of one of TV's best not-couple couples, Will Truman and Grace Adler. After last fall's voter registration PSA, Will and Grace return to NBC Studios where Will convinces Grace to sign on for another run on the set of their old apartment.

  • Why Pomp & Circumstance is the Song of Graduation

    As May comes to a close, thousands of freshly-minted graduates will come walking across a stage somewhere to receive a diploma. And as this happens, one song will be played over and over again: Edward Elagr's military march Pomp & Circumstance. How Pomp & Circumstance went from military reviews to the official soundtrack of graduation is a story of gold, diamonds, war and the British Empire.

  • Pricing a Star Destroyer

    So you're in the market for a space-faring capital ship capable of planetary bombardment and launching a wing of TIE fighters. You know it can be built, but need a cost estimate. Generation Tech has you covered. They worked up how much it would run you in Earth money to buy that Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, perfect for crushing Rebel scum near you.

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