Sony SmartWatch 2

Wearable tech is undeniably the next big thing in portable electronic devices — from those goofy-looking glasses, to the rumored iWatch, to the Sony SmartWatch 2 ($200), we're already seeing the signs. The watch functions as a bridge between you and your Android device (using NFC), letting you read messages, take photos, control your music, check maps, and more. Conveniently, it's also water resistant, in case you plan on using it in situations where you might get wet.

  • Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

    While we wouldn't recommend it for determining if you're good to drive, the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch ($100) could make for some pretty interesting bar games. After breathing into the side of the watch, an LED backlight responds, turning green if you're sober, yellow if you're tipsy, and red if you're drunk — as well as displaying your BAC percentage. The stainless steel watch has an adjustable band and a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts for a month on a charge. It also displays the time, of course, so last call won't sneak up on you.

  • Swatch Scuba Libre Watches

    With the Summer coming, you're sure to find ample opportunities to get wet at the beach (or lake, river, creek, swimmin' hole). While a sturdy dive watch will withstand a plunge, they're probably a bit nice to take tubing — and most don't look anything like the Swatch Scuba Libre Watches ($90). These Swatches feature outrageous color combinations, swappable bands, quartz movement, and water resistance down to 200 meters. While you probably won't wear one diving, it'll definitely look good by the water, and at that price you won't be too concerned if you leave it in the surf.

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