Volvo Concept XC Coupe

Concept cars are always fun, but they're even better when they portend a potential production car. Possibly foreshadowing the replacement for the XC90, the Volvo Concept XC Coupe ($TBA) is one of the latter, featuring only two doors but a full four seats. As with most concepts, details on the inner workings — such as the engine, transmission, and acceleration — are thin, but the car does boast 21-inch wheels, a floating grille, headlights with T-shaped light guides, orange details, matte rubber moldings, and underbody skid plates. The overall design was influenced by modern sports equipment, including the protective gear of Swedish company POC — which should come as no surprise, given that Volvos are as well-known for their safety as for their performance.

  • Nissan BladeGlider Concept

    We're willing to bet you've never seen anything quite like the Nissan BladeGlider Concept ($TBA) before in your life — and for good reason — it is one radical ride. Based on a delta (or triangular) shape, this electric sportscar features a one-plus-two interior layout, with the driver seat isolated up front and the passenger seats in the rear. This design, along with plenty of surfaces designed to create downforce and minimize drag, help to optimize its aerodynamics, while carbon-fiber body panels and a lightweight battery help keep weight down. Little is known yet about the power output of its in-wheel motors, but chances are this thing will be as fast as it looks. The best thing about it: the BladeGlider isn't just a concept, it's also a plan for the future of Nissan's electric sportscar lineup.

  • Wazuma V8F Matte Edition

    The Wazuma V8F Matte Edition ($TBA) might just be the most fun you could possibly have on four wheels, if you have the guts to actually turn the thing on. This vehicle — some kind of mad combination of a motorcycle, a trike, and a sports car — is powered by a three-liter Ferrari V8 engine driven through the gear box of a BMW M3. Its massive wheels (two 285 millimeter slicks up front and two connected 315s around back) keep what is essentially an engine, a seat, and handlebars on the ground, while huge Brembo brakes and a highly-customized suspension system keep it from launching into orbit. It might be the strangest combination of vehicles we've seen, and we're not even sure it's street legal, but it definitely looks like a hell of a rush.

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