Bullet Trains and Birds

Japan's famous bullet trains had a problem: they were extremely loud. Pressure waves while exiting tunnels at high speeds caused a shockwave that could be heard from 1,500 feet away. Engineer and birdwatcher Eiji Nakatsu led the redesign of the trains, and found solutions in birds, most notably in the beak of the kingfisher.

  • The Post

    For the first time, Steven Spielberg and Meryl Streep are together in the same film. The Post stars Streep as The Washington Post's Katharine Graham, the first woman owner of a major newspaper, with Hanks as editor Ben Bradlee. The story centers on the decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, a study commissioned by former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, that blew the lid off the US government's three-decade-long involvement in Vietnam. The Post comes to theaters December 22, 2017.

  • Keanu Reeves' Arch Motorcycle

    When he's not making movies, Keanu Reeves is indulging in his real passion — making motorcycles. Together with co-founder Gard Hollinger, they start Arch Motorcycle Company. More than just a custom shop, Arch uses big v-twin engines set in custom frames and bodywork, with each bike tailored to its individual customer. With a radical new model on the horizon, Arch showed off the latest in VR and computer-controlled manufacturing techniques, along with some old-school hand craftsmanship in this tour of their facility.

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