Collecting Bottles with an Excavator

It takes a deft touch to pick up bottles — when you're using a Sennebogen 830 scrap handler. The folks at DeBoss Garage showed off some serious heavy equipment skills at V&R Recycling, delicately picking up glass bottles and putting them back in a box. Obviously, the operator wasn't emptying the bottles himself — machinery this heavy and alcohol are a bad mix. Enjoy heavy equipment responsibly.

  • The Working Man

    You hate your job. You've had it with your boss. What do you do? Spend a year animating a seven-minute short showing exactly how you feel. Tim Searfoss did exactly that in this excellent piece of storytelling about being a drone on the line.

  • Finding the Origins of Time Travel

    One of the most fantastical ideas to spring from the minds of humans has become a common trope — time travel. As a genre, time travel dates back around 100 to 150 years ago, with books like The Time Machine, A Connecticut Yankee in King Authur's Court, and even A Christmas Carol. But the concept is far older than that, beginning with the human sense of regret. Nerdwriter digs into the past to find the origin of trying to change what's already happened, or what's going to happen in the future.

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