Waymo's Self-Driving Car Demo

Eight years in development and Google's Waymo is ready to introduce its self-driving cars to the world. While they aren't quite ready for the public, they're extremely close. This demo shows a car in action and what the future of drive will look like.

  • Evolution of the Ford Mustang

    It was the car that created it's own category — the pony car. The Ford Mustang took the chassis from the Ford Falcon and draped it in beautiful two-door, long hood-short deck bodywork that was the template others would follow. While GM's Camero and Firebird took a hiatus or disappeared completely over the years, the Mustang has never gone out of production. Here's how the original pony car has changed over the last 50-plus years.

  • Collecting Bottles with an Excavator

    It takes a deft touch to pick up bottles — when you're using a Sennebogen 830 scrap handler. The folks at DeBoss Garage showed off some serious heavy equipment skills at V&R Recycling, delicately picking up glass bottles and putting them back in a box. Obviously, the operator wasn't emptying the bottles himself — machinery this heavy and alcohol are a bad mix. Enjoy heavy equipment responsibly.

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