Evolution of the Ford Mustang

It was the car that created it's own category — the pony car. The Ford Mustang took the chassis from the Ford Falcon and draped it in beautiful two-door, long hood-short deck bodywork that was the template others would follow. While GM's Camero and Firebird took a hiatus or disappeared completely over the years, the Mustang has never gone out of production. Here's how the original pony car has changed over the last 50-plus years.

  • Sharks Attack Submarine

    During filming for Blue Planet II, the team took a submarine over 2300 feet to the ocean to see what happens when a dead whale corpse hits bottom. They found massive six-gill sharks feeding on the carcass, fighting with each other for the meal. The sharks were so aggressive that they thought the sub was competition — and started aggressively hitting the ship.

  • The Working Man

    You hate your job. You've had it with your boss. What do you do? Spend a year animating a seven-minute short showing exactly how you feel. Tim Searfoss did exactly that in this excellent piece of storytelling about being a drone on the line.

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