Ehang Drone Taxi

Chinese company Ehang is bringing the first unmanned aerial taxi to Dubai this year. The massive drones can carry 100 kgs and have a compartment for a small suitcase. Navigation is provided by a passenger-controlled tablet, for selecting your destination. While pricing isn't yet available, you can expect it to be a little more expensive than a cab ride across town.

  • The Sound of Flight Club

    The traditional THWACK! of Hollywood fight scenes sounds like anything but flesh and bone being pounded by flesh and bone. Easily the most disturbing quality of David Fincher's 1999 masterpiece Fight Club is the sound design: every time someone gets hit or thrown to the ground, you feel it. You cringe. It hurts you in the same place they were hit on the screen. Film Radar discovers the ingredients for realistic fight sounds — chicken carcasses, walnuts, celery, and plastic wrap, with a side of punching each other in the chest.

  • Charlie Day Vs. Hot Wings

    Charlie Day can't handle his hot wings. The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star stopped by First We Feast for some hot conversation and even hotter hot sauce. While host Sean Evans plied Charlie with wings, he discussed everything from meeting his wife at an arm wrestling competition to how friendly Zac Efron is.

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