Five Best Porsche Concepts

With a race-bred pedigree like Porsche, picking only five concept cars is incredibly difficult. Luckily, Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga and Director of Interior Design Ivo van Hulten are the perfect two to make such a decision. From the Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet to the 918 Spyder supercar, these five concepts capture the German marque's passion.

  • Voice from the Stone

    In an isolated castle in Tuscany, a mother dies suddenly, and her son goes mute. A young nurse is brought in to help the child through his trauma but soon finds herself caught in her own traumatic situation of supernatural origin. Starring Emilia Clarke and directed by Eric D. Howell, Voice from the Stone releases April 28, 2017.

  • Barbecue

    Forget brains or hands or walking upright — what really separates humans from animals is cooking meat with fire. It's a tradition shared the world over, having reached the level of art — art that can be consumed in the most literal sense. Director Matthew Salleh's Barbecue is a look at meat and flame across the world, something that we all take part in.

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