Inside the Bentley Woodshop

Britain has made some of the world's finest luxury automobiles for over 100 years. Beyond exterior styling and plush rides, the cigars-and-brandy feel of English high-luxury interiors has yet to be replicated, and Bentley provides the best of the best. Step inside the Bentley woodshop, where a combination of high-tech automation and painstaking handwork creates the burled walnut, figured maple, and chrome-accented interior panels of some of the world's most expensive cars.

  • Binging with Babish: Game of Thrones

    The start of Game of Thrones seventh season is less than a week away — and Babish wants you to know how to make a sausage. And chicken that someone is going to die for. And a pie with doves in it. Alright, not really with doves in it. But these violent delights will surely have a violent end, even if that's a reference to the wrong HBO show.

  • The Hidden Magic of Costumes

    Whether it's an elaborate period piece or modern-day t-shirt and jeans, the clothing worn in movies aren't an accident. Each piece is chosen to represent the character, story, and mood of a scene or film as a whole — nothing is left to chance. Now You See It looks at how the oft-overlooked aspect of costuming plays a big role in the overall impact of a film.

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