The Economics Of Beards

A wave of fcial hair seems to be covering the U.S., with nearly 20 percent of men rocking beards. So have we reached peak beard? Author and professor Stephen Mihm takes a look back at history to see if your rugged man stubble is on the way out.

  • Five Best Porsche Concepts

    With a race-bred pedigree like Porsche, picking only five concept cars is incredibly difficult. Luckily, Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga and Director of Interior Design Ivo van Hulten are the perfect two to make such a decision. From the Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet to the 918 Spyder supercar, these five concepts capture the German marque's passion.

  • Robert Lang's Paper Creatures

    You'll never want to make a paper crane again after you see Robert Lang's epic origami designs. A former NASA physicist, Robert's love of folding paper isn't limited to just animals — his designs have been used in everything from spacecraft to air bags. In 2001, Robert quit his day job to focus on origami full-time, applying its principals to everyday problems in the real world.

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