American Gods

The Old Gods are dying. As their believers wane, their power ebbs and new gods rise to take their place. But before they are gone completely, these old gods will make war against the new in one last epic battle for survival. Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel American Gods comes to Starz as an eight-episode television series April 30, 2017.

  • Robert Lang's Paper Creatures

    You'll never want to make a paper crane again after you see Robert Lang's epic origami designs. A former NASA physicist, Robert's love of folding paper isn't limited to just animals — his designs have been used in everything from spacecraft to air bags. In 2001, Robert quit his day job to focus on origami full-time, applying its principals to everyday problems in the real world.

  • Best Dialogue in Film

    Screaming, yelling, arguing, or just plain conversating — dialogue has been the best part of movies since the advent of the talkie. Dialogue is what creates characters, from their personality to their relationship to other characters in the film. Cinefix gives a rundown of their favorite bits of talk of all time.

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