The Stig's New Ride

What kind of car do you build for the person-with-the-secret-identity who's driven everything? Easy. You ask the Mad Hatter of DIY engineering Colin Furze to think something up. Colin never disappoints, and his new ride for Top Gear's legendary test pilot the Stig is no exception: A former bumper car powered by a 600cc four-cylinder motorcycle engine making about 100 brake horsepower. Colin details the build process for the bumper car, and will unveil the Stig's new ride in Part 2, due out March 23, 2017.

  • Best Dialogue in Film

    Screaming, yelling, arguing, or just plain conversating — dialogue has been the best part of movies since the advent of the talkie. Dialogue is what creates characters, from their personality to their relationship to other characters in the film. Cinefix gives a rundown of their favorite bits of talk of all time.

  • Voice from the Stone

    In an isolated castle in Tuscany, a mother dies suddenly, and her son goes mute. A young nurse is brought in to help the child through his trauma but soon finds herself caught in her own traumatic situation of supernatural origin. Starring Emilia Clarke and directed by Eric D. Howell, Voice from the Stone releases April 28, 2017.

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