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Adventure Time Sandwich

Adventuring is hungry work, and any adventurer worth his or her salt is going to need a sandwich — the Perfect Sandwich. The most perfect sandwich for adventuring is a creation of the best adventurer in the history of adventuring: Jake from Adventure Time. The Babish painstakingly recreates Jake's Perfect Sandwich, sparing no ingredient for a meal that is sure to keep you going strong for days at a time.

  • Recreating Cocktails from The Simpsons

    If you've ever wanted to drink like Homer Simpson, Cocktail Chemistry is here to help. While you're welcome to try the originals made exactly as they are in the show, you also get a slightly more refined version that you can actually drink — with the exception of the last. With classics like the Flaming Homer, Skittlebr√§u, and A Single Plum Floating in Perfume Served in a Man's Hat, you'll be passed out drooling on the couch in no time.

  • The Internet Warriors

    The Internet, destroyer of public discourse and resonating echo chamber for any opinion, no matter how half-baked. Whereas at one time people might have been more likely to keep their opinions to themselves, the lack of any tangible repercussion for what is said on the internet means that people speak without thinking about what they're saying. The Guardian sits down with a few of the more vehement internet commentators, to find out what they're like without the relative anonymity and distance of the web to shield them.