Recreating Cocktails from The Simpsons

If you've ever wanted to drink like Homer Simpson, Cocktail Chemistry is here to help. While you're welcome to try the originals made exactly as they are in the show, you also get a slightly more refined version that you can actually drink — with the exception of the last. With classics like the Flaming Homer, Skittlebräu, and A Single Plum Floating in Perfume Served in a Man's Hat, you'll be passed out drooling on the couch in no time.

  • Tarantino's Love Letter to a Bygone Era

    Drive-ins, double features, the grindhouse horror and exploitation flicks of the 60s and 70s — they're all gone. Movies have never been cheap, but trying to get something in a theater without major studio marketing muscle is all but impossible. Death Proof stands out as the lowest point in Quentin Tarantino's otherwise stellar career, as acknowledged by the director himself, but something often overlooked is what the movie was really meant to be — a warm look back at the way cinema used to be.

  • Skating Frozen Sand

    Skating belongs in the city. Skating needs pavement and concrete and all the man-made architectural elements that make it so creative and spontaneous — except when it doesn't. Hermann Stene, Didrik Galasso, Henrik Lund, and Karsten Kleppan went north to the Norwegian coast to thrash mother nature's own skatepark: Frozen water and sand.

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