The Internet Warriors

The Internet, destroyer of public discourse and resonating echo chamber for any opinion, no matter how half-baked. Whereas at one time people might have been more likely to keep their opinions to themselves, the lack of any tangible repercussion for what is said on the internet means that people speak without thinking about what they're saying. The Guardian sits down with a few of the more vehement internet commentators, to find out what they're like without the relative anonymity and distance of the web to shield them.

  • Skating Frozen Sand

    Skating belongs in the city. Skating needs pavement and concrete and all the man-made architectural elements that make it so creative and spontaneous — except when it doesn't. Hermann Stene, Didrik Galasso, Henrik Lund, and Karsten Kleppan went north to the Norwegian coast to thrash mother nature's own skatepark: Frozen water and sand.

  • Flippy Kitchen Robot

    Slave over the griddle no more. The Flippy Kitchen Robot can handle the cooking, leaving you free to dream up new dishes. Using a robotic arm, cameras, and artificial intelligence, this mechanical assistant cooks perfect burgers and chicken breasts, toasts buns, fries, and even builds sandwiches, all on its own. It installs in minutes, is controlled via a simple touchscreen interface, and can even move out of your way when needed, making it an ideal addition to many a professional kitchen, or the private kitchens of the very, very lazy.

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