How to Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

Cubans are back, or at least a little more legal than they used to be. They definitely haven't gotten any cheaper, so be sure you're smoking the real thing. Cigar Obsession has some solid tips to make sure you're getting what you pay for.

  • Flippy Kitchen Robot

    Slave over the griddle no more. The Flippy Kitchen Robot can handle the cooking, leaving you free to dream up new dishes. Using a robotic arm, cameras, and artificial intelligence, this mechanical assistant cooks perfect burgers and chicken breasts, toasts buns, fries, and even builds sandwiches, all on its own. It installs in minutes, is controlled via a simple touchscreen interface, and can even move out of your way when needed, making it an ideal addition to many a professional kitchen, or the private kitchens of the very, very lazy.

  • The Economics Of Beards

    A wave of fcial hair seems to be covering the U.S., with nearly 20 percent of men rocking beards. So have we reached peak beard? Author and professor Stephen Mihm takes a look back at history to see if your rugged man stubble is on the way out.

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