Tarantino's Love Letter to a Bygone Era

Drive-ins, double features, the grindhouse horror and exploitation flicks of the 60s and 70s — they're all gone. Movies have never been cheap, but trying to get something in a theater without major studio marketing muscle is all but impossible. Death Proof stands out as the lowest point in Quentin Tarantino's otherwise stellar career, as acknowledged by the director himself, but something often overlooked is what the movie was really meant to be — a warm look back at the way cinema used to be.

  • The Economics Of Beards

    A wave of fcial hair seems to be covering the U.S., with nearly 20 percent of men rocking beards. So have we reached peak beard? Author and professor Stephen Mihm takes a look back at history to see if your rugged man stubble is on the way out.

  • American Gods

    The Old Gods are dying. As their believers wane, their power ebbs and new gods rise to take their place. But before they are gone completely, these old gods will make war against the new in one last epic battle for survival. Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel American Gods comes to Starz as an eight-episode television series April 30, 2017.

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