Flippy Kitchen Robot

Slave over the griddle no more. The Flippy Kitchen Robot can handle the cooking, leaving you free to dream up new dishes. Using a robotic arm, cameras, and artificial intelligence, this mechanical assistant cooks perfect burgers and chicken breasts, toasts buns, fries, and even builds sandwiches, all on its own. It installs in minutes, is controlled via a simple touchscreen interface, and can even move out of your way when needed, making it an ideal addition to many a professional kitchen, or the private kitchens of the very, very lazy.

  • The Stig's New Ride

    What kind of car do you build for the person-with-the-secret-identity who's driven everything? Easy. You ask the Mad Hatter of DIY engineering Colin Furze to think something up. Colin never disappoints, and his new ride for Top Gear's legendary test pilot the Stig is no exception: A former bumper car powered by a 600cc four-cylinder motorcycle engine making about 100 brake horsepower. Colin details the build process for the bumper car, and will unveil the Stig's new ride in Part 2, due out March 23, 2017.

  • Five Best Porsche Concepts

    With a race-bred pedigree like Porsche, picking only five concept cars is incredibly difficult. Luckily, Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga and Director of Interior Design Ivo van Hulten are the perfect two to make such a decision. From the Porsche Cayenne Cabriolet to the 918 Spyder supercar, these five concepts capture the German marque's passion.

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