The Art of Compositing

When we think of CGI, Michael Bay explosions and giant monsters are what come to mind. It often comes off as fake and over the top. But sometimes VFX can be much more subtle. Roy Peker shows us just how digital compositing works, popping up in the least suspecting places.

  • Stop Memorizing Your Passwords

    123456. Qwerty. Password. These are just a few of the easiest to remember passwords, and hackers love them. Technology has made juggling the massive amount of logins required to function in our modern world much easier with password managers. Vox has some helpful tips to keep your information as safe as possible — at least from people looking to criminally profit. We have enough things to remember in the course of a day, so take passwords off that list.

  • The Sound of Flight Club

    The traditional THWACK! of Hollywood fight scenes sounds like anything but flesh and bone being pounded by flesh and bone. Easily the most disturbing quality of David Fincher's 1999 masterpiece Fight Club is the sound design: every time someone gets hit or thrown to the ground, you feel it. You cringe. It hurts you in the same place they were hit on the screen. Film Radar discovers the ingredients for realistic fight sounds — chicken carcasses, walnuts, celery, and plastic wrap, with a side of punching each other in the chest.

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